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KinderGarten Template - Joomla Templates

KinderGarten Template - Joomla Templates
This is a funny KinderGarten template filled with graphics and CSS3 animations appropriate for kindergartens and similar subjects that offer baby-sitting services. These could be baby sitting agencies or restaurants for kids and birthday celebrations. This template has an intro page with big image made of vector graphic. As you can see (in all modern browers, such as Chrome, Firefox and IE10+) this is not a static image. Some objects, such as balloons and bees are rotating here and there and flying up to the skies. All these animations are made with CSS3 and they are playing only on the modern browsers. In older browsers, visitors can see static images. There are also interactive rollover animations on the logo, social buttons and read more buttons, powered by CSS3 as well.

TEMPLATE NAME: KinderGarten Template
AUTHOR: HotJoomlaTemplates
PRICE: $29
mas andes
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